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Earth Citizen Learning is an education platform for everyone to learn our own values and the values of our brain. We can learn the values of Nature by realizing that we are all Nature. There is no better place to do that than at Earth Village in New Zealand, where ancient wisdom exists and where humans, animals, and plants live in harmony.

Earth Citizen Learning is a way to heal your body and mind through Brain Education meditation while interacting with the beautiful scenery, plants and animals. It is a place where you can develop the power to realize your own values and learn the spirit of love for humanity and love for the Earth.

Earth Citizen Learning provides Brain Education contents such as Nature meditation, Nature self-healing experience, Jangsaeng care for living 120 years, Earth Village tour, animal farm tour, and feeling the Earth.

Earth Citizen Learning is available to all people, around the world. Anyone can receive Earth Citizen Learning services after completing the application process and payment.

The website contents are provided by Earth Citizen Life

  • Nature Guided Meditation
  • Nature Healing
  • 120 Longevity Course
  • Earth Village Virtual Tour
  • Earth Farm Virtual Tour
  • Earth Citizen Course 

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